The Unmade Room

My work has always focused on our visual understanding of space and color, and until this project, has been non-narrative. Creating a piece within the sequential framework of a book allowed me to explore and design in a visually narrative way.

I began the design of the book with simple spaces that grew in complexity as they extended and merged with adjacent features. Instead of a single view, I was able to experiment with a consecutive series of spaces where each moment affects the next. It became a process similar to the interaction of color where perceptual understanding is contextual.

The accordion book structure also allowed me to literally fold and unfold compositions, expanding and contracting the spatial sequence. Though I did take time to craft intricate changing compositions, I did leave a few interactions to chance so even I would have a sense of discovery with the finished work.

From the Publisher:

The Unmade Room was produced at IS Projects during the Summer of 2019 and released at the London Art Book Fair at the White Chapel Gallery in London, England on Thursday September 5th. This uses several layers of screenprinting to build up a multitude of harmonious colors. The book is accordion bound with a letterpress printed cover and is contained within a vertical slip case that is hand painted by the artist. All screenprinting was done by hand in the studio by Ingrid Schindall, all letterpress printing was done on the Vandercook SP15, and all cut outs were cut by hand by Christian. The book unfolds to 80” long and can be opened and turned like a book or displayed open as a sculptural object. The book was printed in an edition of 60 and is hand numbered and signed by the artist.  

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